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Guide: Conducting Pre-Contract Vendor Due Diligence

Guide to Conducting Vendor Due DiligenceToday’s global, digital economy opens up a world of opportunities—and a whole new world of risk exposure. When important parts of your business can be fulfilled anywhere, risks may be everywhere.

If one of your vendors takes a hit, you could take the fall. Which begs the question: Do you have a clear picture of your vulnerability?

In ProcessUnity’s new whitepaper, you will learn how to get it right from the start, using pre-contract due diligence to intercept risks before they become problems. Topics include:

  • The nine-step process to create a rational due diligence program
  • Why manual due-diligence is just not manageable
  • How to harness the power of automation to streamline vendor onboarding

You’ll also get a 12-step checklist to assess how well you are managing your vendor risk today.

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