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Webinar Replay: Matching Threat Intelligence & Third-Party Risk

As organizations evolve and become more connected, their reliance on third-party ecosystems continues to grow. While these business relationships undoubtedly add value, they also introduce significant new risk and compliance challenges. The third-party risk management process is complex and involves more stakeholders and data sources than many people may think including: cyber risk information, supply chain, financial, IT, compliance, legal, and privacy risk data. But even with loads of available data, it’s extremely difficult for risk teams to know how to prioritize risk and focus remediation and response efforts without the proper context or processes.

As a result risk management teams are turning to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions to help centralize all of this information in order to gain a more holistic view of their third-party ecosystem. Cyber third-party risk data is a critical piece of the puzzle to a holistic third-party risk program within a GRC solution. Having access to a threat-centric view of cyber risk provides risk management teams with real-time insights that enable them to make faster, more confident decisions and effectively manage third-party risk.

On this CPE accredited webinar our panel of experts will address how to bring threat intelligence into the third-party risk management process and discuss:

  • The importance of holistic risk management and sustainable ongoing monitoring,
  • How to incorporate external content sources and create a centralized data repository for a more holistic view of your vendors,
  • Ways to advance your third-party risk maturity with threat intelligence.
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