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Supercharge Your Third-Party Due Diligence Process

The saying goes - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the world of third-party risk, prevention comes from automation and forward-looking analytics that help you gain visibility into the risk profile of a potential vendor.

That’s why so many organizations today are focused on ramping up their third-party due diligence programs. Due diligence, when done in an automated and scalable way, is an effective means to minimize risk from third-parties before beginning the relationship.

Watch ProcessUnity's on-demand webcast with special guest Rapid Ratings and learn how to transform your due diligence process into an efficient and effective risk-reduction machine.

In this webinar, experts from Rapid Ratings and ProcessUnity will share today’s best practices for:

  • Assessing the inherent and residual risk of critical vendors across numerous domains to proactively manage risks and ensure business continuity
  • Leveraging the Financial Health Ratings in the due diligence process to provide a predictive view of the financial stability, operating efficiency, and probability of default
  • Conquering the challenges of private company financial health analysis
  • Gaining clarity of your third-party’s risk profile…before you sign the contract

Join us and take your due diligence capabilities to the next level.

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