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eBook: Vendor Service Level Agreements

The road to frustrating-third party performance management is paved with good intentions. Responsible parties, such as your legal team, have probably defined these “good intentions” as SLAs: contracted service-level agreements with precise terms and, in most instances, appropriate penalties to encourage compliance.

But like the marriage that endures long after the wedding has become a receding memory, the reality of vendor performance management suffers the hard knocks of daily life. In many, if not most organizations, the performance data necessary for adequate oversight is (at best) scattered across multiple, uncoordinated spreadsheets maintained by different people. The project-level personnel who have genuine, first-hand insight on performance may not know what the contracted SLAs are and, even when they do, may not know where and how to report their observations.

Download ProcessUnity's guide and get control over vendor performance management. You'll get practical advice on key topics, including how to:

  • Get real-time visibility into performance metrics
  • Build genuine accountability on a person-by-person and vendor-by-vendor basis
  • Make key vendor- and contract-related decisions based on informed, quantifiable insights
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